Shale Stabilizer

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Shale Stabilizer

It stabilizers the shale formation, inhibits dispersion of drilled solids, improves lubricity and reduces torque & drag of the drilling string. It controls HT HP fluid loss by producing a thin strong compressible wall cake.

Sulfonated asphalt is a low cost of drilling fluid additives, it is applied to the drilling process, inhibit shale hydration dispersion, control the high temperature and high pressure filtrate loss, increased mud cake density, toughness and lubricity and improve various functions of drilling fluids and other high-temperature stability, more suitable for drilling deep formations, which in the world oil fields has been widely used.

a) Reduces water loss in the conditions of high pressure and high heating
b) Allows mixing solutions of high quality without additional use of emulsifiers
c) Improves lubricity thereby reducing torque and drag of the drilling string.
d) Seals small fractures in stressed shale formulation.
e) Reduces HTHP(High Temperature High Pressure) Fluid Loss
f) Improves Filter cake Quality and helps seal micro fractures
Potassium Sulphonated Asphalt is a modified potassium sulphonated asphaltic compound. It is a specially prepared potassium salt of sulfonated asphalt. In potassium environments, it is highly effective because it contributes water soluble potassium into the mud system. Its versatile mud conditioner contributes to the stability of drilling fluids, stabilizes shale, inhibits dispersion of drilled solids, reduces torque and drag, controls high temperature water loss and acts as an alternative to oil usage etc. This substituting of potassium ions is beneficial in those areas that requires specific action of potassium for inhibition of clay.

  • a) Inhibits dispersion of drilled solids.
  • b) Controls high temperature water loss.
  • c) Its stabilizes shale formation.
  • d) Reduces the down hole with temperature fluid
  • e) loss and contributes to corrosion inhibition.
  • f) Improves lubricity thereby reducing torque and drag
GILSONITE is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon. It is mined and ground to the desired particle size. It is dark brown powder. It is not water dispersible.


a) It is mixed in mud systems to control shale from sloughing.
b) It used to control API and HTHP fluid loss in oil base drilling fluids.
c) GILSONITE is only partially soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons.

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